World Record Yellowtail Kingfish

Co-owner of one of New Zealand's best known big game fishing boat the Skipper Bruce Smith is a 30 year veteran and one of New Zealand's renowned and respected skippers.

World Record Yellowtail Kingfish

A little while ago Smithy helped his son Mat gain a World Record 37.8kg (84lb) Yellowtail Kingfish on 6kg (12lb) line. A great father and son team effort! Fishing in the recent 38th International Yellowtail Tournament in the Bay of Islands against some of the best 6kg yellowtail kingfish fishers you'll find anywhere, the combination of Smithy on the helm of Striker, and his son Mat on the rod, lead to the new World Record.

This brings to 6 the number of light tackle yellowtail kingfish caught on Striker.

Anyone who has tangled with a kingfish knows how hard they are to land on any gear let alone 6kg (12lb) line. In New Zealand yellowtail kingfish grow to prodigious size. You can read the full story of the capture here.

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Blogger Nickname unavailable said...

Hi Mat
Congratulations on a wonderful Kingfish. Must come from all those skills you learnt with us catching your first Yellow Fin Tuna aboard Diveworks Charters, Whakatane.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is an amazing fish
enjoy all the glory that
comes with it

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing fish. The best species ever. One question why not release them to fight another day? You already had a few whoppers lying on the deck enough to feed an army. I hope you chilled them & used the meat?

3:31 PM  

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