Big Game Fishing Season - Utah Fishing

The newspapers are all carrying articles about the hunting seasons, which are expected to be good this year. But fishermen are also finding big game - this is the best time of year to go after trophy fish. Flaming Gorge lake trout are congregating near spawning areas. That makes them easier to find but the big ones are still hard to catch. The next couple weeks will bring your best chance.

Lake trout are also active and catchable at Bear Lake, as are the big cutthroats there. At Strawberry, everyone is catching cutthroats, including some big ones. In terms of number and size of fish, I don't think fishing has ever been better at the 'Berry. Most of our trout waters are good right now.

Lake Powell and Sand Hollow continue to offer very good action for bass, striped bass fishing is still great at Lake Powell.

See Utah DWR fishing reports for information about good fishing all over the state.

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