World of Warcraft Fishing and Lineage 2 Fishing

Fishing is favourite pastime for many people throughout the real-world and virtual-world too. Some people can't live without fishing. Other had known it and have built fishing to internet and online games. If your age is approximately between 10-30 you can know about such popular online games as World of Warcraft (WoW) and Lineage 2 (L2). Fishing is a very important part of these games.

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After spending all day fighting mobs and monsters, Lineage 2 Fishing can be a great way to relax. You’ll first need to locate a Fisherman’s guild member and get a fishing rod which vary in price and grade, and select your lure. A Fishing Guide can be extremely useful to insure that you select the correct fishing gear. See more on this point at Lineage Fishing Guide

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Fishing is a very important secondary profession in World of Warcraft. It can provide a lot of inregedients for various alchemy formulas, cooking recipes. Hunters can use it to feed their pets. All you need is a fishing pole, some bait, and any type of water. more information at World of Warcraft Fishing Guide

So have you ever gone fishing online? In any case you can try anytime and become successful angler. And don't worry, it's just a game. Take your courage in both hands and try your luck at nearest water ;) Good luck!

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Anonymous marcus said...

I used to played lineage 2, thus I have some acquaintance with lineage fishing. In my opinion online game's fishing is for fun in the first place. You can get some fun stuff using your rod and various lures (there are even night fluorescent lures in LA 2). But still it's just a computer game and you tire of it quite quickly.

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anna said...

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Blogger Lapa said...

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Anonymous WoW Guides said...

Fishing can be a fun profession but it can be time consuming if you don't know what you are doing!

7:27 PM  
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