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Today's article will concentrate on the Peacock Bass fishing. It's the great fish in many respects which can become a desired trophy for many anglers. Many sport fishermen value these "freshwater bullies" for their fighting qualities. So their popularity among anglers is rather high.

Speckled Peacock Bass 20lbs

Strictly speaking this tropical fish is not a true bass. Though their similarity of appearance is rather significant, peacock bass belongs to the genus Cichla. Its natural range is basins of Amazon, Orinoco and Rio Negro. The biggest peacock (27.0 pounds) was caught right in Rio Negro basin (Brazil) in 1994. Actually they are adaptable and have been introduced into many waters throughout the world. So you can fish for them in Florida, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Singapore as well as in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and other South America waters.

Some biologists discern up to 12 species of peacock bass and then some. The best-known among them are

  • speckled peacock bass
  • butterfly peacock bass
  • royal peacock bass

In South America peacock is commonly known as tucunaré and pavόn.

Speckled Peacock Bass 15lbs

The largest is speckled peacock bass, this bruiser can grow up to 3.5 feet in length. It will be a severe test for your fishing skills and tackles too. The royal peacock bass is smaller that its "big brother" and reach 1.8 feet longwise.

The most obvious species difference between the peacock bass and other basses is the amazing color variety the peacock bass possesses. You only have to take one look at this fish to understand why it is called the peacock. The fish goes by the name of peacock bass because of a black spot on its tail fins that resembles the vivid eye. In fact this false eye is a deceptive target for predators.

To protect peacocks numbers in the US many professional anglers recommend catch and release their. So bag limits are set down by the government in some states. For instance, anglers in any part of Florida may keep a maximum of two peacock bass per day, and only one may be longer than 17 inches.

Generally it will be a great idea to use some fishing trip agencies' offers and go fishing to South America waters which abounds with peacock bass. Truly trophy-size peacocks live there. But remember as one of the fiercest fighters in the world this potbellied fish never gives up a battle and can straighten your hooks, break line and destroy lures without ceremony. It is simply unbelievable gamefish. Thus you should always be on the watch and prepared to its strikes. In this connection the choice of peacock bass fishing tackle is essential element of success fishing. Certain of these fantastic fighters require special tough tackle. I figure on put emphasis on this question (peacock bass lures, baits etc.) in the near future.

Your efforts will be remunerated with usury, a meeting with this colorful gamefish will give you great enjoyment and fun moments. So peacock bass fishing is the really enthralling pastime.

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